History of Shimano Fishing Reels

Shozaburo Shimano started the Shimano Iron Works Company in 1921, in his hometown of Sakai City. He was twenty-six years old at that time. He manufactured the bicycle freewheel at the plant. Within 10 years of the start of the company, he started distributing his wheels throughout China.

However, the company's entry into the fishing item manufacturing business did not start until the mid of 1970's, when it started to produce Lew's Speed Spool. Shimano started to bring about revolutionary ideas and began developing a line of it's own reels similar to the famous Speed Spool. 

Today, Shimano is recognized as one of the most popular industries in the manufacturing of fishing tackle all around the globe. It specializes in different items which include accessories, reels, baits and rods. 

Vintage Shimano Bantam models are one of the highly sought after fishing reels up to this date. Anglers who are fond of collecting vintage reels for the durability and quality of classic devices will definitely be interested in adding the Shimano Casting reels to their tackle boxes

               List of some famous Vintage and Antique Shimano Casting Reels

  • Collectors could find the famous antique Shimano Bantam reels in their original condition. The Bantam equipment, with it’s trademark Shimano crest is attention-grabbing and has ‘’Designed for Professionals’’ engraved on it. Together with this, the reel also features a swirl design with the title Bantam stamped on it. It has been constructed from a silver solid material and has comfortable grip handles.

  • A famous antique Shimano fishing reels include the Shimano Calais 200-5, which has a weight of just over nine ounces and is made purely from stainless steel. It can hold from 130 to 220 yards of fishing line. It also comes with two rubber crank handles which will ensure that an angler won't lose his grip when pulling out a fish from the water.

  • The original Shimano Mix 300 Fast Cast Reel should definitely increase the value of any collector's tackle box. The reel is painted in black and anglers will definitely get to know they have found a classic piece when they see the logo ''Fast Cast System'' on the label.

  • Shimano Spirex 1000 spinning reel has been built with a meticulous detail that most of Shimano products are well known for. The collectors might find the Spirex 1000 reel a great addition to their tackle box. The reel also includes a Spirex label on it's side.

  • Sustain 5000FB saltwater spinning reel has brass enhancements which tends to add diversity to the fishing reel. Anglers would also be pleased to know that it has a wooden comfortable handle together with a smooth pulling crank, making fishing a lot easier.

vintage shimano fishing reel